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Should I file for separation or divorce?


Should I stay in the marital residence?


Is it advantageous for me to sue the divorce before my spouse does?


How much does a divorce usually cost? What are the court fees?


How long does a divorce usually take?


How is spousal support/maintenance (alimony) determined?


What are grounds for divorce and is there irreconcilable differences in New York?


What is an "opting-out agreement"?


What is a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement?


Do I have to go to court?


Will my children have to go to court?


Will my children have an attorney?


What is the process for obtaining a divorce?


Should I get an Order of Protection?


How do I protect my assets?


How does the court divide retirement and other property?


How does being a member of the armed services affect a divorce?


Who gets to keep the house?


How does bankruptcy effect the divorce?


Who gets to claim the children for income tax exemptions?


What is the effect of divorce on health insurance coverage?

Divorce FAQ:

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